New book emphasizes role of pedagogy in law schools

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Law education has been a bit beleaguered lately. A new book shows what's still right about legal education and where it needs to go.

Court dismisses lawsuit claiming law school misrepresented employment data

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A federal appeals court upholds dismissal of lawsuit by former students who said Thomas M. Cooley Law attracted them with misleading employment statistics.

ABA committee forwards tenure requirement options to council

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Bar association panel is open to keeping requirement that law schools have some kind of job security for faculty members, but it's still unclear how it will do so.

Professor of law

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Thu, 07/11/2013

Brooklyn Law School expands adequate causes of termination to include demonstrated incompetence

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Faculty members at Brooklyn Law School raise the alarm about the board's decision to expand the reasons why a tenured professor can have his or her contract terminated.

University of Oregon adjunct fired after altercation with students

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Adjunct at the University of Oregon who was filmed in altercation with student during a demonstration loses his job and is arrested.

Author discusses new book on rise of campus censorship

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In his new book, Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, chronicles what he sees as the rise of campus censorship and stifling of free speech.


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