Admissions officers on front lines of law school crisis

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In light of criticism about job placement and student debt in legal education, admissions officers discuss transparency in law school admissions.

Law school leaders discuss issues of past year at annual meeting

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Law school professors and administrators agree that the past year has been difficult — but find less consensus on what to do in the future.

The crisis in legal education and implications for the rest of higher ed

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Report explores the deepening crisis in law schools and what the rest of higher education can learn from it.

Appeals court faults college over faculty payouts

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California appeals court finds law faculty members at Whittier were given inaccurate and incomplete information on which to decide whether to accept buyouts.

Gotcha Student Journalism

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A new publication at the U. of Tennessee is focusing -- in a very personal way -- on allegations of a professor-student affair.

New Scrutiny on Law School Data

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Lawyers announce plans to sue 15 institutions, charging that they inflate statistics about job placement rates.

'Irvine 11' Found Guilty

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In unusual case of prosecution related to a campus protest, students sentenced to probation and community service.

Blogger Gets the Last Laugh

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Website mocking photographs used by Washington University in St. Louis is once again active.

Documenting the Decline of (Print) Law Reviews

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Surveying reviews' spotty compliance with reporting requirements, editor of The Green Bag finds their circulations in steep decline -- but does that necessarily mean lost influence?


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