Schwarzenegger Vetoes DREAM Bill for Immigrant Students

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Governor also vetoes bill sought to pressure publishers to lower textbook prices, but signs competing bill that publishers backed.

To Cut Textbook Costs, They're Printing Their Own

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If a book list is the blueprint for a course, Rio Salado College is about to start from scratch.

International Call for Open Resources

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Key educators and foundation officials issue manifesto calling for more course material to be free and easily available online.

Ghettoized Poli Sci Textbooks

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When black people or topics are covered in overviews of American government and politics, they end up in the civil rights chapter, study finds.

Different Tacks on Textbook Choice

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Colleges grapple with ways to offer students cheaper options, but research suggests problems with some methods.

Professors Gone Paperless

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Three faculty members involved in developing free online textbooks explain why they're sold on the open source model.

Online Texts for Community College Students

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Initiative aims to create and evaluate material, while also assessing the viability of the open access model.

Open Textbook Meets Community Colleges

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Rice University's open educational resources Web site publishes a popular 2-year college text for anyone to read, reuse or remix -- free.

Next Steps for E-Texts

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With slew of new announcements and partnerships, some publishers, colleges and even bookstores seem poised to offer e-textbooks as a serious alternative for students.

E-Textbooks for All

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A pilot at the University of Texas at Austin will replace printed textbooks with electronic versions for all students in certain classes, free of charge.


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