Next Chapter on Textbooks

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As U.S. panel calls for online collaboration to provide lower-cost options, debate continues on the appropriate federal role.

Why Students Read Textbooks (or Don't)

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The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words may hold true for textbooks.

Research presented Saturday in San Francisco at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association explored how students evaluate textbooks and the factors that make them more or less likely to read textbooks. The research was designed to build on studies that have previously found many students who skip buying textbooks and many others who buy and don't read -- despite evidence showing that careful readers of textbooks earn higher grades.

Price Check

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Textbook renegades trying to find ISBN numbers encounter resistance -- and attract the police -- in Harvard bookstore.

Schwarzenegger Vetoes DREAM Bill for Immigrant Students

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Governor also vetoes bill sought to pressure publishers to lower textbook prices, but signs competing bill that publishers backed.

To Cut Textbook Costs, They're Printing Their Own

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If a book list is the blueprint for a course, Rio Salado College is about to start from scratch.

International Call for Open Resources

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Key educators and foundation officials issue manifesto calling for more course material to be free and easily available online.

Ghettoized Poli Sci Textbooks

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When black people or topics are covered in overviews of American government and politics, they end up in the civil rights chapter, study finds.

Different Tacks on Textbook Choice

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Colleges grapple with ways to offer students cheaper options, but research suggests problems with some methods.

Professors Gone Paperless

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Three faculty members involved in developing free online textbooks explain why they're sold on the open source model.

Online Texts for Community College Students

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Initiative aims to create and evaluate material, while also assessing the viability of the open access model.


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