Graduate education

Essay on the final semester of finishing a Ph.D.

Eric Anthony Grollman offers advice on the last push by a graduate student to finish a dissertation -- and to move on.

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Second history group backs idea of embargoes on dissertations

Second history organization comes out against requirement that all dissertations be made available online.

Essay on prestige as a factor in picking a graduate school and evaluating job offers

What matters when you pick a graduate program may not matter when evaluating job offers, writes Heather Dubrow.

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Data show modest gain in number of new Ph.D.s with jobs upon graduation

New data show minimal gains in share of new doctorate holders who have job commitments upon graduation.

New GRE data illustrate trends on future graduate students


New data from ETS illustrate gaps by race and nationality in GRE scores, and differences between graduate population of Americans and non-Americans.

Survey compares views of graduate students at unionized and non-unionized campuses

Study comparing grad students with and without collective bargaining for their teaching work finds that those with unions have better pay, and that they are just as close to their professors as those on other campuses.

Michigan grad students object to details of new housing unit

Graduate students at the University of Michigan object to details -- including the rent -- of a new residence hall funded by billionaire alum.

Despite slowdown in applications, growth in admission offers to international grad students

A Council of Graduate Schools survey finds that initial offers of admission to international students grew by 9 percent this year, despite a slowdown in the growth of applications and a drop in interest from China. 

USC announces changes to its journalism master's degree program

Amid newsroom cutbacks and a rapidly changing media landscape, journalism schools are trying to find ways to adapt. USC is crunching a two-year master's into nine months. At Columbia, the concentration requirement will be eliminated.

New report shows dependence of U.S. graduate programs on foreign students.

New report provides breakdown on international enrollments by discipline and institution, showing that there are graduate STEM programs in which more than 90 percent of students are from outside the U.S.


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