Graduate education

Starting In on the Higher Ed Act

A House panel approves bills on graduate and international education, beginning formal work on the massive federal law.

NYU Rejects UAW

The only private university ever to accept a TA union plans to stop collective bargaining with graduate students.

Faculty Farm Team

Lawrence's new fellowships seek to teach future college teachers how to teach.

Anger and Indifference in the Village

Graduate students react with a mix of dismay and disregard to NYU's rejection of a TA union.

Cheating Scandal at Virginia

Large group of economics graduate students are under investigation at university known for its honor code.

Compromise in California

Two university systems agree to let Cal State offer its first independent doctorate, in educational administration.

Chicano Ph.D. Pipeline

To encourage more doctorates, report suggests that the first place to look may be community colleges.

Training Tomorrow's Doctors, For Now

Growing up in a moderate income area near San Diego, Arnold Cuenca had an interest in and aptitude for science in high school. But as he contemplated potential careers, he, like most of his peers, was encouraged to enter the military or take a job right out of high school -- paths most of his peers chose. His mom was a nurse, though, and that got him thinking about being a doctor.

"Other than my mom, I had nothing to encourage me to become a health professional -- I didn't know what medicine was," says Cuenca.

Fired Up at NYU

President faces a crowd of professors and graduate students angry over university's plan to end its TA union.

Lost Dominance in Ph.D. Production

A new study explores just how far the United States has fallen in educating scientists and engineers.


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