Graduate education

English for Graduate Students

Going beyond TOEFL, U. of Alabama at Birmingham tests international graduate students on their ability to perform high-level academic work in English.

The (Future) Faculty Life, Here and There

Graduate students get broader insight into issues they might soon be facing in higher education in Virginia Tech's "Global Perspectives" study abroad course.

In Grad Admissions, Where Is Class?

Survey of political science departments finds consideration of race and ethnicity, but not socioeconomic background.

Confidence Gap for New Profs

Those fresh from grad school don't feel well prepared for many duties, and end up learning on the job. Men rank themselves as better prepared than do women.

A Coed Strategy for Single-Sex Education

Brenau U. plans to preserve its Women's College by adding a range of programs – perhaps including a medical school – that will admit men too.

International Admits and Applicants Up, But Not As Much

Survey spotlights increased competition for U.S. graduate schools, which are increasingly creating degree programs with institutions abroad.

'Collision Course' for Graduate Education

What's wrong with graduate education these days? Is it what Ph.D. students are missing -- teaching skills perhaps, or the ability to branch out beyond their area of specialization? Or is that too many students take too long to finish?

Who Produces Black Ph.D.'s?

Black students have their choice of college in a way that was not nearly as true decades ago, a fact borne out by the numbers: In 2006, one in five African American bachelor's degree recipients earned their diplomas from historically black colleges and universities, compared to well over a third in 1977.

'Two Cultures' Tension in Social Science

Key philanthropic and government programs offering grants for Ph.D. students appear to be excluding proposals for graduate students in sociology and political science, while favoring proposals from those in history, anthropology and a range of relatively small disciplines, such as art history and ethnomusicology, according to data released Friday.

Ph.D. Completion Gaps

Foreign, male and white doctoral students are more likely than their American, female and minority colleagues to finish their programs.


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