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CUNY Graduate Center hopes to offer a public model for reform of doctoral education

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As Stanford spurs discussion of trimming time-to-degree for Ph.D.s, CUNY offers model for public institutions that might want to kill tradition of grad school as a place you "check in and never check out."

Graduate students and faculty at U. of Minnesota pilot new, ongoing program review process

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Seeking to supplement traditional forms of graduate program assessment, U. of Minnesota pilots an approach that asks key questions about students' needs and goals.

Survey finds new Ph.D.s less likely to have job commitments

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Across disciplines, the proportion of those completing doctorates with commitments for employment or a postdoc falls.

New graduate enrollments are down

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New graduate enrollments fall, with notable declines in students from the U.S. Decreases are greatest for education and arts and humanities.

NRC report calls for greater investment and improved efficiency for research universities

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U.S. research universities' global dominance will be threatened in coming years unless governments invest more and universities become more efficient and better educate under-represented groups, according to new National Research Council report.

U. of Texas community college leadership program's founder moves to for-profit

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Founder of UT-Austin's community college leadership program, the field's big fish, is moving to a for-profit, fueling worries about the future of the program's affiliates, NISOD and CCCSE.

Study finds link between job market and duration of Ph.D. programs

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New study documents relationship between job market and time to degree in the humanities and social sciences, but it’s not as straightforward as many speculate.

To improve Ph.D. completion rates, Australian universities use metrics on their supervisors

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The key may be tracking the performance of those who supervise doctoral students.

The benefits for Ph.D.s of considering teaching at community colleges (essay)

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What lessons can be learned at the intersection of the community college and doctoral education in the humanities? Rachel Arteaga provides some answers.

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Speakers at Council of Graduate Schools meeting warn about pitfalls of big data-driven research

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Speakers at meeting for graduate deans warn about the pitfalls of big data-driven research.


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