Graduate education

Scholar explores how graduate admissions committees view measures of merit and diversity

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Scholar goes behind scenes to observe professors decide whom to admit to top Ph.D. programs. She finds that GRE and grades dominate first winnowing, while diversity comes into play later.

Book focuses on human aspects of graduate advising

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New handbook on advising sheds light on the more personal, human aspects of the process.


MLA report calls for Ph.D. program reform, including cutting time to degree

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MLA urges radical changes in Ph.D. education, including shorter time to degree, new forms for the dissertation and greater emphasis on learning to teach.

New America report provides snapshot of rising debt burdens of graduate students

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New snapshot shows that borrowers are taking out more loans to pay for their advanced degrees across a range of disciplines.

Hopkins plans shifts in graduate school and faculty hiring

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Pioneer in the research university model wants to shrink graduate enrollment (but offer much better stipends to those who are admitted), to favor junior faculty for tenure-track openings. Grad students object.

Study finds that Ph.D.s who write interdisciplinary dissertations earn less

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If you combine two disciplines in your dissertation, you can expect to earn less than you would otherwise in the year after finishing your doctorate, study finds.

Study finds bias favors thinner graduate school applicants

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It's not just that professor with the infamous tweet. Study finds that academics who interview graduate school candidates favor those who are thinner.

Ph.D.s as teachers and other ideas emerge from panel on doctoral reform at Stanford

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Stanford pledges to pay for a master's in education for humanities Ph.D.s who want to become high school teachers.

Duke proposes a mandatory, short video pitch to accompany dissertations

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Should universities require graduate students to pare down years of research into a soundbite that can be understood by non-scholars?

CUNY Graduate Center hopes to offer a public model for reform of doctoral education

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As Stanford spurs discussion of trimming time-to-degree for Ph.D.s, CUNY offers model for public institutions that might want to kill tradition of grad school as a place you "check in and never check out."


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