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NLRB Steps Toward Grad Unions

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Board overrules decision rejecting NYU union, and hints it will reverse ruling that has blocked collective bargaining for teaching assistants at private universities.

International Grad Enrollments Up

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3% increase in number of first year students is the result of continued surge in interest from China.

Ph.D. Pipeline Expands Slightly

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Number of research doctorates awarded by universities in U.S. grows to 49,562, with most of the growth attributable to increase for women.

How Doctoral Graduates Fare

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Deans talk about the importance of tracking job placement -- and admit many of their institutions don't do much in that regard.

How to Talk Science

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At gathering of grad school officials, Alan Alda promotes campaign to teach next generation of researchers how to communicate with the public.

What Makes Grad Students Happy

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Graduate officials who want to improve students' quality of life -- but admit they don't know how -- get some pointers.

Questioning a Degree's Value

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The value of a master’s degree in education – in monetary, philosophical and educational terms – is under fire as conflicting camps are responding to increasingly high-profile criticism of merit pay systems.

A New Econ Core

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Do the common courses taken by doctoral students need more relevance and creativity?

White Male Advantage

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Study of minority doctoral students in sociology finds notable relationship between demographics of advisers and career advancement of new Ph.D.s.

Sociologists Blast Doctoral Rankings

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Disciplinary group harshly critiques NRC ratings, urging professors and prospective graduate students to disregard them and be "suspicious" of underlying data.


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