Graduate education

How to Talk Science

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At gathering of grad school officials, Alan Alda promotes campaign to teach next generation of researchers how to communicate with the public.

What Makes Grad Students Happy

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Graduate officials who want to improve students' quality of life -- but admit they don't know how -- get some pointers.

Questioning a Degree's Value

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The value of a master’s degree in education – in monetary, philosophical and educational terms – is under fire as conflicting camps are responding to increasingly high-profile criticism of merit pay systems.

A New Econ Core

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Do the common courses taken by doctoral students need more relevance and creativity?

White Male Advantage

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Study of minority doctoral students in sociology finds notable relationship between demographics of advisers and career advancement of new Ph.D.s.

Sociologists Blast Doctoral Rankings

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Disciplinary group harshly critiques NRC ratings, urging professors and prospective graduate students to disregard them and be "suspicious" of underlying data.

'Substantive' Errors in Grad Rankings

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WASHINGTON -- Doctoral departments that have finally figured out just what the National Research Council's controversial evaluation of their programs means, and how to read the numbers, will need to check the data again. On Thursday, the council is issuing revised rankings, based on four "substantive" errors in some of the categories used to evaluate programs.

Wrong Incentives for British Doctoral Programs?

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Universities with low completion rates consider whether they are enrolling some foreign students without the necessary qualifications.

Translating 'Grad Student' Into English

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Several years working on a Ph.D. in the back corner of a chemistry lab or lost in a library’s stacks can make anyone a little detached from reality. So it's not surprising that when graduate students emerge from their years of close study on a topic, their dissertation titles can be a little unwieldy to the average graduation attendee or website visitor.

Paging through the 2011 graduation guide at Emory, one encounters the following dissertation titles:


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