Graduate education

Doctorate Production Ebbs

1.4 percent increase in number of degrees awarded in 2008 is smallest since 2003; growth in biology doctorates accounts for most of the uptick, and humanities continue to dip.

The New GRE, Redux

Key test for graduate admissions will lose antonyms and analogies, replace some geometry with data analysis, alter scoring, and let test takers move among questions. ETS calls shifts significant; critics see cosmetic changes.

Ph.D. Supply and Demand

At history meeting, grad students and those who lead doctoral programs consider bleak job market, quality of graduate programs, and consider whether there is an "oversupply" issue.

Grad School Survival Guide

While most doctoral programs have some sort of orientation, the focus on such mat

Showdown on Grad Unions

New York University is once again center stage in the legal and policy debate over whether graduate teaching assistants at private universities can form unions.

An Agenda for Graduate Education

The prime position of American graduate education is increasingly at risk, and both universities and the government need to renew their commitments to helping students earn advanced degrees, says a report being released today.

Methodology Change for Ph.D. Rankings


The National Research Council -- responding to criticism it received in the internal peer review of its forthcoming doctoral program rankings -- is changing the methodology in a few key places for the long-awaited project.

Personalizing the M.D.

A hundred years after the release of the Flexner Report, which set many of the standards that still guide North American medical education, a report being published today aims to stimulate reforms to reshape medical schools and residency programs for the next century.

Teaching vs. Research

It’s common for many at research universities to say that just because they value scholarly production doesn’t mean they don’t care about teaching. But a new study of political science departments at doctoral institutions -- published in the journal PS -- suggests that there may be a tradeoff.

Divisions Over Peace Studies

At a time when student interest is growing in nongovernmental organizations and conflict resolution, faculty members in peace studies master's programs and those who employ their graduates appear to have split on the direction these programs should take.


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