Graduate education

Preparing Professors to Teach

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Doctoral student interest and enrollments in teacher certificate programs are rising, as programs evolve (and emerge) and job market worsens.

Do-It-Yourself Ranking

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The National Research Council says its new ratings methodology makes it impossible for any department to claim any ordinal rank. That didn't stop Penn State's philosophers.

NLRB Steps Toward Grad Unions

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Board overrules decision rejecting NYU union, and hints it will reverse ruling that has blocked collective bargaining for teaching assistants at private universities.

International Grad Enrollments Up

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3% increase in number of first year students is the result of continued surge in interest from China.

Ph.D. Pipeline Expands Slightly

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Number of research doctorates awarded by universities in U.S. grows to 49,562, with most of the growth attributable to increase for women.

How Doctoral Graduates Fare

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Deans talk about the importance of tracking job placement -- and admit many of their institutions don't do much in that regard.

How to Talk Science

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At gathering of grad school officials, Alan Alda promotes campaign to teach next generation of researchers how to communicate with the public.

What Makes Grad Students Happy

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Graduate officials who want to improve students' quality of life -- but admit they don't know how -- get some pointers.

Questioning a Degree's Value

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The value of a master’s degree in education – in monetary, philosophical and educational terms – is under fire as conflicting camps are responding to increasingly high-profile criticism of merit pay systems.

A New Econ Core

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Do the common courses taken by doctoral students need more relevance and creativity?


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