Graduate education

Essay on weighing whether to finish a long doctoral program

Caden Steele explains how he handled the dilemma of whether to leave a doctoral program in which he had invested considerable time, but that he found frustrating and debilitating.


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Divided appeals court refuses to reconsider decision on graduate student's lawsuit

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U.S. appeals court rejects U. of Oregon’s request to quash lawsuit by former graduate student. Dissenting judges see threat to academic freedom.

Study documents demand for Ph.D. education in developing nations

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Many countries struggle to keep up with the demand for doctoral education, report finds.

Updating accounting curriculums for an expanding and diversifying field

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Two accounting organizations release a report on how to update the curriculum and promote diversity.

Yale Law to launch Ph.D. program for aspiring law professors

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Yale will begin a Ph.D. program in fall 2013 to train aspiring law professors.

Study: Grad students need more career guidance

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Study says colleges, industry and government share responsibility for readying graduate students for careers inside and outside the academy.

Federal appeals court decision might change faculty-student relationship

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U.S. appeals court says U. of Oregon may have retaliated against former doctoral student who alleged sex bias in her graduate program; ruling could reshape balance of power between professors and grad students.

Website offers regular debates on wisdom of going to grad school

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Blog provides regular jumping-off point for debates about wisdom of pursuing a Ph.D. in the tough job market.

NSF report notes decline in state support for research universities

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States have decreased per-student funding for research universities by about 20 percent, NSF report finds, a rate that outpaces general higher education cuts.


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