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Lifeline for Grad Students

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For five years, graduate students facing stress or feeling suicidal have had a hotline that they could call 24/7.

On Monday, the founders of the hotline announced that they had turned it over to another group. While about 50 universities have publicized the service, many others have declined to do so because it was created by a religious organization, the Campus Crusade for Christ. The hotline organizers decided it would be best to find a secular home for the hotline, so it could reach more people.

Are State Troopers Models for Professors?

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The American system of awarding doctorates and producing professors is a mess. On that, the disparate voices on a high-powered MLA panel on reforming the Ph.D. agreed Monday night.

A Scientific (Teaching) Revolution

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With $1 million each, professors supported by unusually lucrative grants are changing undergraduate education at research universities.

A Strike in Ann Arbor

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Graduate instructors at Michigan take a day off to force concessions at the bargaining table. University officials are unfazed.

More Help for Part-Timers

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The MLA's Delegate Assembly endorsed two proposals to bolster, in small ways, the status of "contingent" instructors.

A Growing Supply of Minority Ph.D.s

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New data on doctorates awarded in 2003 are encouraging for efforts to diversify faculties. The number of black and Hispanic Ph.D.s are up, especially among black women, and the long-term gains are impressive.

Stolen: A Laptop and 100,000 Identities

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Theft of computer with Berkeley graduate students' names and ID numbers is latest in rash of campus incidents.

The Cost of Whistle Blowing

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A graduate student brings charges of bogus citations and plagiarism against a professor, and guess who loses her job?

'Life of the Mind and of the Heart'

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Colleges are at risk of losing some of the most talented young academics -- especially female ones -- if they don't make major changes in the faculty career path. That was the message at a briefing Tuesday for presidents attending the annual meeting of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Postdoc (Partial) Satisfaction

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Most like their positions, but many have tight budgets and question whether they are actually being trained.


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