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Son of Sokal: Conference Accepts Bogus Paper

MIT grad students use computer program to generate substance-free paper -- with plenty of jargon and graphs -- and a conference accepts it.

Minnesota TA's Reject Union

By a substantial margin, graduate students at the University of Minnesota have voted down a plan to create a union of teaching and research assistants.

Two-thirds of the 4,461 eligible graduate students at Minnesota's Twin Cities and Duluth campuses voted in the elections held last week. The union won the backing of 1,296 while 1,779 voted against it. State officials released the results Monday.

TA Strike Impact

Graduate students have started their walkout at Columbia and Yale Universities.

Avoiding 'the Dustbin of History'

Master’s degree programs in history play a role far more influential than would be indicated by the number of students enrolled. Because those students go on to either earn Ph.D.’s, teach in community colleges, teach in high schools or work in "public history," these programs have a broad impact on what millions of Americans will be taught about history.

Advice on Foreign Students

A new report says that the United States needs to change numerous policies on visas and security clearances.

Ex-Grad Student Awarded $601,000

He charged that Buffalo faculty members retaliated against him for his discrimination claims.

Dwindling Support

Report finds that programs for minority Ph.D. students are so afraid of legal and political challenges that they are broadening their missions.

Telling Postdocs About Tenure

Two groups that support basic research sponsor weeklong course to help young scientists navigate through their universities.

Not So Intelligently Designed Ph.D. Panel

Ohio State calls off dissertation defense amid criticism that faculty committee was set up to back questionable attacks on evolution.

A Different Kind of Fellowship

Ford Foundation's largest program helps foreign students others ignore -- and challenges assumptions on international exchange.


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