Graduate students

Standing Up for Academic Freedom

Smart Title: 
MLA delegates take stands against Academic Bill of Rights but moderate their views a bit for public consumption.

A Growing Higher Ed Workforce

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U.S. study finds expansion is greater among instructors than administrators.

Strike Two

Smart Title: 
Some NYU graduate students return to the picket lines for a second semester -- but others return to teaching.

No More Pay Days

Smart Title: 
Stipends are gone for some striking NYU graduate assistants.

The Post-Sputnik Era, Redux

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Bolstering U.S. competitiveness is not just the government's job, research university group says in new report.

Making Room for Baby

Smart Title: 
Stanford offers new policy to help pregnant grad students.

Held Back at Michigan?

Smart Title: 
Black graduate students charge that they are recruited -- and then discouraged from going for doctorates.

Why Grad Students Succeed or Fail

Smart Title: 
Landmark study provides broadest look ever -- and raises tough questions about mentors, money and racial and gender gaps.

Baby Steps on Speeding Up the Ph.D.

Smart Title: 
Time it takes to earn a doctorate is shrinking ever so slightly, new study finds.

A Strike Falters

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UAW and grad student leaders vow to press on, but NYU isn't wavering, many TA's are back at work and undergraduate support has lessened.


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