Graduate students

The Changing Grad Student Population

Total enrollment is up, as is minority enrollment, but difficulties persist with international recruitment.

Perceived Plagiarism at Ohio U.

One former grad student's charges have prompted some changes -- insufficient, he says -- at an engineering college.

Online Quicksand

A few academic bloggers may soon learn the litigious way that what’s said in cyberspace doesn’t always stay there.

On Strike

In showdown over TA unions at private universities, NYU grad students walk off the job.

Digging In

NYU students and professors prepare for a strike that could last a long time.

New Rights for Pregnant Grad Students

Policy by Stanford chemistry department may offer a model for many institutions.

ISO Answers on Minority Graduate Enrollments

Universities share ideas, but no sure solutions, for luring bringing more black and Hispanic Americans into science fields.

TA's as the Key to Science Teaching

In 1997, Elaine Seymour was one of the authors of Talking About Leaving: Why Undergraduates Leave the Sciences (Westview). She found that a reason cited by student after student -- at a range of institutions -- was poor teaching. And at many institutions, teaching assistants were a major part of the problem.

Rating Doctoral Programs

After makeover, National Research Council survey kicks off with focus on measures based on data, not reputations.

Day 10 on the Picket Line

Neither NYU graduate students nor administrators show signs of budging in battle over a TA union.


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