Graduate students

Rating Doctoral Programs

After makeover, National Research Council survey kicks off with focus on measures based on data, not reputations.

Day 10 on the Picket Line

Neither NYU graduate students nor administrators show signs of budging in battle over a TA union.

Upturn for Science Doctorates

American universities award more Ph.D.'s, over all and in technical fields, for second year in a row.

Hitting Them in the Pocket

NYU sets date to cut stipends going to striking teaching assistants.

NYU Undergrads Join Strike -- for a Day

Students ditch classes to support their teaching assistants on the picket line.

What Makes Grad Students Graduate?

Study looks for factors that encourage Ph.D. completion and finds that expectations count for a lot.

Conflicting Claims on NYU Strike

In showdown on TA rights, university says most grad students are on the job; union says its members are holding out.

New Research on Graduate Education

Group will commission annual studies to improve training of master's and Ph.D. students.

English Jobs Hold Steady

As interview season arrives, MLA releases job figures that encourage some, but leave others anxious.

Standing Up for Academic Freedom

MLA delegates take stands against Academic Bill of Rights but moderate their views a bit for public consumption.


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