Graduate students

Improving Graduate Education

Panelists discuss a Council of Graduate Schools report on lost ground and how to boost competitiveness in teaching and research.

You Like Frisbee? I Like Frisbee!

In matching graduate students with each other as mentors, Purdue wants to know more than just academic interests.

Why and When Ph.D. Students Finish

New data point to importance of money and mentors -- and to significant differences by discipline.

Concern Over Housing Costs

Graduate students at UC-Berkeley say they are being priced out of units set aside by the university for families.

Professional Development for Postdocs

New federal law and agency guidelines aim to prod scientists and universities to ensure that fellows get career training.

Catching Up in International Grad Students

American universities report increases in applications and admission offers, but numbers still haven't reached 2003 levels.

The Graduate Education Mismatch

Political science study points out that some of what's missing in graduate education would make the new Ph.D.'s more desirable as job candidates -- especially outside research institutions.

A Haven for Minority Scholars

1,100 black, Hispanic and other minority Ph.D.'s and doctoral students gather for advice and kinship in a setting where they're more than a "speck in a room."

More Doctors of Philosophy (and Science)

Number of Ph.D.'s awarded by American universities spikes in 2006 -- with increases largely in scientific fields and among non-U.S. citizens.

Reforming the 'Formation of Scholars'

Doctoral education in the United States, though the envy of the world, needs serious reforms that require a new emphasis on the creation of "intellectual communities" that will change the roles of both professors and graduate students, argues a book being released today by the Carnegie Endowment for the Advancement of Teaching.


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