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International Student Growth Still Slowing

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Survey of graduate schools finds that international student population is still increasing, but not as rapidly.

Shying Away From Graduate School

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Number of students taking GRE will drop this year, stunning ETS and universities, who foresaw opposition impact from recession. Fall is seen in U.S. and elsewhere, with steep decline in India.

Almost Ready for the Doctoral Program Rankings

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National Research Council -- gearing up for February's long awaited and delayed evaluations -- offers hints on parts of its approach, and hears reservations about methodology.

Do Econ Grad Students Need a Teaching Bailout?

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Relatively few doctoral programs require for-credit courses on how to lead a class, a study finds -- while another finds most new Ph.D.’s still feel prepared.

Seeking Purpose in Graduate Course Work

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History departments are changing curriculum for doctoral students, seeking to move beyond teaching professors' favorite books and toward the art of teaching.

Return of Grad Union Movement

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Obama designates as NLRB chair a member who backs collective bargaining at private universities -- and that could be key step in reviving campaigns that have been stagnant since 2004.

The Impact of 'Time to Degree'

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The most logical reason to focus on "time to degree" for doctoral students is that most of them say they want to finish -- and most graduate departments say the same thing. People are happier and programs are more efficient.

Ph.D. Admissions Shrinkage

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Even as colleges push to fill undergraduate, master's and professional classes, some institutions are shrinking doctoral programs, where the finances differ.

Matches and Mismatches in Producing Ph.D.'s

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SAN DIEGO -- In theory, these days, everyone agrees that attrition in Ph.D. programs is a real problem. Graduate students don't want to spend years in programs from which they will never graduate, and universities don't want to support those who won't complete their programs. Also in theory these days, most academics agree that it's crucial to expand the diversity of the Ph.D. pipeline so that the candidates for faculty positions represent a broader demographic than the current professoriate.

New Idea on Grad Students, Unions

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NYU floats idea of having doctoral students join adjunct union. University sees path to improved education and compromise on collective bargaining. UAW sees end run.


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