Graduate students

Circular Firing Squad

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Amid tough times for labor, intra-union strife besets graduate students in California.

Wrong Incentives for British Doctoral Programs?

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Universities with low completion rates consider whether they are enrolling some foreign students without the necessary qualifications.

Translating 'Grad Student' Into English

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Several years working on a Ph.D. in the back corner of a chemistry lab or lost in a library’s stacks can make anyone a little detached from reality. So it's not surprising that when graduate students emerge from their years of close study on a topic, their dissertation titles can be a little unwieldy to the average graduation attendee or website visitor.

Paging through the 2011 graduation guide at Emory, one encounters the following dissertation titles:

New Battlelines

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NYU, the first private institution to reach a contract with a T.A. union, may try to make that pact its last.


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