British universities see rise in overseas applications, but drops from India

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Universities see gains in applications, despite tougher regulations, but many institutions see sharp drops from India.

Funding council for British universities considers quality control system

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Government funding council considers when student survey and graduation rate data should lead to unscheduled inspections of universities.

Plan floated in Britain for investors to pay tuition and for students to repay based on income

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Leader of British university group floated idea of letting private investors pay tuition for some students, who would then repay a share of their subsequent income.

British university may bar sale of alcohol on parts of campus

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London Metropolitan U., seeking to be more sensitive to Muslim students, may restrict alcohol sales.

Study finds leadership gap in British academe

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Survey of British academics finds they are more likely to rely on colleagues than on their administrators or their unions.

English universities face new budget and enrollment realities

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Under new budget system, new institutions will face budget cuts and enrollment declines.

Britain's oversight agency has limited knowledge of private institutions

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Britain's quality assurance agency has no information about the quality of most private institutions participating in government's loan program.

British government holds off on higher education reform legislation

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Government delays legislation that would have increased role of for-profit higher ed, but many believe sector will still expand.

Increasing numbers of students pursue British degrees outside of Britain

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One-sixth of those studying for a degree do so without stepping foot in the country.


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