When famous speakers on campus don't know why they are there

British business schools want famous guest lecturers -- and some of them go off-script.

British universities spend big to prepare for increase in tuition rates


British universities prepare for an increase in tuition rates.

Foreign universities consider how best to enter the MOOC market


Non-American universities consider different options for entering the MOOC market, which to date has been dominated by elite U.S. institutions.

University in Scotland lets TV viewers in Ghana vote on a scholarship


University in Scotland uses reality television to admit and provide a scholarship to a student from Ghana.


Noted academics launch defense of British academe


Academic luminaries take a stand against idea that all research should have a direct economic payoff.

Report raises questions about quality of British Ph.D.s


Report worries about narrowness of expertise of doctoral students.

U. of Cambridge turns to bonds, and some worry about the risk


U. of Cambridge turns to bonds, an unusual approach in Britain, but some fear risks associated with the strategy.

Survey ranks satisfaction of European academics


British academics -- senior and junior alike -- are the least satisfied in Europe. Swiss are the most content senior scholars, while Croatians are the most content junior professors, survey finds.

British universities urged to get more ambitious on fund-raising


Institutions urged to invest more in development and to create strategies to get more alumni to donate.

British universities turn to marketing


With more of an emphasis on tuition revenue, institutions focus on ways to attract students.


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