Britain's oversight agency has limited knowledge of private institutions

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Britain's quality assurance agency has no information about the quality of most private institutions participating in government's loan program.

British government holds off on higher education reform legislation

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Government delays legislation that would have increased role of for-profit higher ed, but many believe sector will still expand.

Increasing numbers of students pursue British degrees outside of Britain

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One-sixth of those studying for a degree do so without stepping foot in the country.

British government wants to create new graduate university

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Another country adopts idea of recruiting a university for graduate-only programs, focused on promoting business growth.

Potential of the 'Arab Spring'

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At gathering of European university leaders, speakers urge them (and American counterparts) to promote reforms in Middle Eastern higher education.

A Competition to Avoid?

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British academics find odds so long to win funding in the social sciences that some wonder why they bother trying.

British Libraries Push Back

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Research institutions demand price cuts before they will renew package deals.

'Can't Afford to Be Too Choosy'

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A head of school at a leading British university e-mailed academics urging them to be "VERY generous" when assessing graduate applications, warning them that they "simply cannot afford to be very choosy."

The e-mail, seen by Times Higher Education, was sent to staff at the University of Birmingham’s School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion by Helen Beebee. She writes that she "CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH" how important it is that all academics "try as hard as we possibly can" to recruit graduate students for the coming year.

Rising Price of British Graduate Education

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Many fear that programs will be "priced out of the market."


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