Find a Niche or Vanish

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Universities that lack distinctive missions will go extinct, British pro vice chancellor warns.

Britain Goes to Market

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Landmark report proposes that government slash teaching subsidies and let student fees rise, in expectation that competition and choice drive quality.

Britain's Answer to 'Who Pays?'

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Glance around the world and in nearly every corner of the globe, you'll find countries searching for a way to expand higher education capacity with insufficient public resources. From Australia and New Zealand to the United States, the challenges sound very much the same.

Massive Cut in Britain

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Government plans 40% reduction for higher education over four years, with only some science and technology teaching programs spared.

The New British Tuition

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New system would let universities charge almost three times current levels.

British Rebellion Over Cuts

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Waving placards with slogans including "Where’s your (arts and) humanity?" "Knowledge: £9,000 per annum," and "Students are broke: the system is broken," demonstrators marched from Whitehall, through Westminster and along Millbank.

The protest, which took place under the banner "Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts," rang out with the chant: "No ifs, no buts, no education cuts."

It was organized by the University and College Union and the National Union of Students, with estimates of the number of participants varying from 25,000 to over 50,000.

Call for 'Consumer Revolution' in Britain

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British students plan to launch a "consumer revolution" against a sector they see as unprepared for the consequences of marketization and high fees. The National Union of Students has demanded that sector-owned quasi-government entities be replaced by tough new regulators with the power to protect students from "collusion" on fee levels and to impose "genuine penalties" for malpractice and maladministration.

British Tuition Increases Win Key Vote

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House of Commons approves plan -- as students protest outside and divisions are exposed in governing coalition.

Tuition Fallout in Britain

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Government may be forced to regulate if too many institutions charge maximum.

British Cuts Become Clear

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Even before the controversial tuition increases are instituted, universities will see sharp drops in government support.


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