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Colleges don't always help with mental health issues, student survey shows

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New survey reports from students' perspective on how well or poorly colleges responded to mental health problems -- and in some cases a lack of response resulted in the student leaving campus.

More diverse students seeking counseling, survey suggests

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Survey of counseling center directors contains an encouraging finding that suggests outreach to diverse students is working.

Georgia State University outsources counseling center's clinical staff

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At Georgia State, the psychologists who helped students complained about some university policies they viewed as hurting their patients. Then the university outsourced their jobs.

Community college counselors face challenges, survey shows

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Community college mental health counselors report that their duties include academic and career advising, limiting time available to help on psychological issues.


Lawsuit over therapy dog raises questions about university housing

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Colleges might have to be more careful in answering that question from now on, thanks to federal suit against university that denied student's request for a dog in her apartment.

Student Created College Poker Site Causes Concern

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Arizona State student thinks he may have created a safe alternative to online gambling sites. Some gaming experts aren't so sure.

'Last Day on Earth'

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The life of the Northern Illinois grad who killed 5 there is recounted in new book -- with lessons for colleges on gun control, mental health and what they do right.

A Fee Not Worth the Cost?

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Per-session payments disappear at many campus counseling centers, but some add limits on visits.

When Words Can Fail


Outside the perimeter of life’s expected stresses lies the potential for traumatic stress. Maria Shine Stewart reflects as an anniversary approaches.


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