Mental health

Different Kinds of Diversity

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Counseling centers are urged to pay more attention to subgroups of students whose needs may not have been considered previously.

Not So Confidential Counseling

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Experts fear plan at George Washington U. to have psychologists share some information on students with administrators.

Hurricane on the Brain

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Study documents psychological strain on students displaced by Katrina.

Counseling Crisis

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Colleges face legal backlash when they bar students who report suicidal feelings or other serious psychological problems.

After a Suicide

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One college's officials describe the grief, the duties and the debates after a student took his own life in a highly visible way.

Psychological Troubles on the Rise

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New survey of counseling center directors reveals major concerns about suicides and policies to prevent them.

Settlement in MIT Suicide Suit

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Experts had hoped that legal fight would offer guidance for other colleges on liability for students with serious mental health problems.

Student Casualties of Iraq

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For the first time since Vietnam era, many campuses consider what to do when one of their own dies in a faraway war.

How Healthy Are Campus Health Centers?

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Directors share perspectives on where their profession is going -- and some worry about the trends.

Mental Health Milieu

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Health professionals ponder the complexities of serving mentally ill students, while protecting their privacy and preventing stigmatization.


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