Mental health

Confidentiality Preserved at GW

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University shelves controversial plan that would have given administrators information about students receiving counseling.

Hiding the Bodies

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Glendale Community College administrators blocked student news stories on campus suicides and mental health resources.

Fido Goes to College

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Mental health officials call in the dogs to help faculty members and students bond.

Eyes Cast on New Suicide Trial

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Allegheny College defends itself against charges that it had duty to prevent student’s death.

Hunter Settles Suicide Suit

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Payment awarded to student who was barred from dorm after taking pills, and college will review its mental health policy.

2 Suicide Suits Conclude

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Jury finds Allegheny not responsible for student's death; MIT settles closely watched case.

Using the Web to Prevent Suicide

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More campus health centers use Internet-based program to help students cope with mental illness.

Mental Health Lawsuit Settled

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George Washington U. reaches agreement with student involuntarily removed from campus after seeking counseling.

One State's Findings on Imbibing

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The charm may have gone out of smoking, but a survey released Thursday suggests that students in Minnesota remain a hard drinking crowd. The study’s author said the results show that tobacco reduction programs can be effective, but that campus health officials have to think up creative solutions to lessen binge drinking.

Torts, Trials and ... Treatments

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Panel suggests law schools do more to ensure that high-risk students can find help.


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