Mental health

Student Casualties of Iraq

For the first time since Vietnam era, many campuses consider what to do when one of their own dies in a faraway war.

How Healthy Are Campus Health Centers?

Directors share perspectives on where their profession is going -- and some worry about the trends.

Mental Health Milieu

Health professionals ponder the complexities of serving mentally ill students, while protecting their privacy and preventing stigmatization.

Suicide on the Mind

Health professionals grapple with daunting statistics and share some strict strategies for preventing campus suicides.

Self-Injury Epidemic

Study finds surprisingly high percentage of students who intentionally cut, burn or otherwise harm themselves.

Sleepy Hollow

A push for 24/7 libraries and tech centers leaves some health professionals with wide eyes and worries.

Confidentiality Preserved at GW

University shelves controversial plan that would have given administrators information about students receiving counseling.

Hiding the Bodies

Glendale Community College administrators blocked student news stories on campus suicides and mental health resources.

Fido Goes to College

Mental health officials call in the dogs to help faculty members and students bond.

Eyes Cast on New Suicide Trial

Allegheny College defends itself against charges that it had duty to prevent student’s death.


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