Mental health

Suicide on the Mind

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Health professionals grapple with daunting statistics and share some strict strategies for preventing campus suicides.

Self-Injury Epidemic

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Study finds surprisingly high percentage of students who intentionally cut, burn or otherwise harm themselves.

Sleepy Hollow

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A push for 24/7 libraries and tech centers leaves some health professionals with wide eyes and worries.

Confidentiality Preserved at GW

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University shelves controversial plan that would have given administrators information about students receiving counseling.

Hiding the Bodies

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Glendale Community College administrators blocked student news stories on campus suicides and mental health resources.

Fido Goes to College

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Mental health officials call in the dogs to help faculty members and students bond.

Eyes Cast on New Suicide Trial

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Allegheny College defends itself against charges that it had duty to prevent student’s death.

Hunter Settles Suicide Suit

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Payment awarded to student who was barred from dorm after taking pills, and college will review its mental health policy.

2 Suicide Suits Conclude

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Jury finds Allegheny not responsible for student's death; MIT settles closely watched case.

Using the Web to Prevent Suicide

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More campus health centers use Internet-based program to help students cope with mental illness.


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