Mental health

Hunter Settles Suicide Suit

Payment awarded to student who was barred from dorm after taking pills, and college will review its mental health policy.

2 Suicide Suits Conclude

Jury finds Allegheny not responsible for student's death; MIT settles closely watched case.

Using the Web to Prevent Suicide

More campus health centers use Internet-based program to help students cope with mental illness.

Mental Health Lawsuit Settled

George Washington U. reaches agreement with student involuntarily removed from campus after seeking counseling.

One State's Findings on Imbibing

The charm may have gone out of smoking, but a survey released Thursday suggests that students in Minnesota remain a hard drinking crowd. The study’s author said the results show that tobacco reduction programs can be effective, but that campus health officials have to think up creative solutions to lessen binge drinking.

Torts, Trials and ... Treatments

Panel suggests law schools do more to ensure that high-risk students can find help.

Furor Over Dismissals

Termination of beloved counseling director at UNC Asheville seen as symptomatic of new administration's attitude toward old hands.

When Creative Writing Provides a Clue

Va. Tech killer's assignments set off alarm bells -- and illustrate the quandary faced by many a professor.

A Very Scary Story

After Virginia Tech shootings, San Jose State instructor stopped teaching course in response to student who wrote of killing professor.

Privacy and Protection

Panel reviewing Virginia Tech massacre struggles with laws that could hamper coordinated interventions with mentally ill students.


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