Mental health

Taking Their Medicine

The shooter at Northern Illinois U. reportedly had stopped taking his medication. What factors put college and graduate students at risk of defying doctors' orders?

The Mental Health Squeeze

As demand for psychological services continues to rise, some college counseling centers strapped for resources resort to longer waits or shorter appointments.

Predicting and Preventing Campus Violence

Experts in the field gather at Columbia University to discuss school shooters, student suicides and the law, among other topics.

Scars in the Classroom

A new book focuses on students who cut themselves -- and write about it for English class.

The Psychiatric Pharmacist Will See You Now

University of Connecticut takes different tack in responding to growing numbers of students with prescription mental health medications.

Redefining Suicide Risk -- and Prevention Strategy

National study suggests large population of students who consider taking their own lives -- and never seek counseling.

The Mental Health of Students and Non-Students

Major national study finds that disorders are widespread -- and treatment is not -- for those who are 19-25, regardless of their enrollment status.

Rules Seek to Clarify FERPA

Post-Virginia Tech, Education Department wants to assure colleges about the student information they can release.

On Mental Health, an Online Tool

Imagine a computer simulation where the goal is to identify and refer mentally distressed students. How to train the "gatekeepers?"

Mental Health on Campus

25% of students receiving mental health services have seriously considered suicide, according to new national study.


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