Higher Ed Act Reauthorization

Should Student Loans Go to Market?

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As Congress weighs price-based auction, lenders and industry critics debate whether the approach would help or hurt students.

Bush Threatens Veto of Student Aid Bill

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As House Democrats unveil new version of budget measure, White House opposes interest rate cut, new spending and loan auction idea.

The Evolving Higher Ed Act Bill

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As Senate debates student aid measure, crackdown on illegal file sharing is softened and amendments fly on private loans and earmarks.

House Republicans and the Higher Ed Act

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GOP education leaders, seeking to influence Democrats, call for tough college cost provisions, abandoning new "auction" for student loans, and pressuring colleges on illegal downloading.

A College-Friendly Take on Rising Prices

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Hearing on rising tuitions, normally a scary topic for higher ed officials, treads gently and focuses on proposal to ensure better state funding of public colleges.

Cost of College a Bipartisan Concern

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House Democrats introduce Higher Education Act bill that would shame institutions that raise prices sharply; 747-page measure would increase federal role in other ways, too.

Who Should Be Ashamed?

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Congress is jazzed about plan to embarrass colleges with above-average tuition increases. But will the "watch list" identify profligate spenders -- or discriminate against colleges with working class students?

Warning on Tuition, Shift on Accreditation

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As House panel debates Higher Ed Act bill, lawmakers hammer home risk that rising prices could lead to further federal action. Plus a last-minute gambit on accreditation.

House Panel Backs Higher Ed Bill

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Colleges have mixed views on bipartisan legislation that wins unanimous approval; full House fails to override Bush veto of education/health spending bill.

The Pendulum Swings on Accreditation

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Regional agencies and college groups spar over Higher Education Act provision on learning outcomes. Does the rift open the door to increased federal role?


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