Higher Ed Act Reauthorization

Emergency Overload

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Weeks after enacting law requiring colleges to develop emergency response plans, Congress prepares to pass bill requiring colleges to develop emergency response plans.

Margaret Spellings Looks Back

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In podcast interview, education secretary assesses her legacy, seeing progress in elevating higher ed issues on the national agenda but broad failure to confront the problems.

Politicians Praise and Pressure Colleges

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Despite promise of stimulus package, U.S. education secretary and key Republican senator tell higher ed leaders that they must change -- possibly to avoid fate of U.S. auto industry.

Back to Normal (Read: Boring)

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Unlike (relative) drama of 2007 negotiations over accreditation, panel now debating changes in federal rules focuses on the mostly mundane.

Delay for Loan Auction, Help for Borrowers

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Bill to correct Higher Education Act errors would make several substantive changes, including putting off controversial bidding process for federal parent loans.

Don't Bank on It

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Taseen Peterson is a portrait of the recession. A single father who worked as a loan officer in the mortgage industry, Peterson decided to go back to school as the real estate market dried up, figuring he’d ride out the downturn in college and come out the other end with a credential that would get him a higher paying job.

Rent, Read and Return

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A growing number of companies are renting textbooks to college students, saying they're an alternative to sky-high price tags.

Carrying Out the Higher Ed Act

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Education Department proposes regulations on year-round Pell Grants, colleges' reporting to consumers, illegal file sharing and other scattershot topics.

Economy Sinks, Default Rates Rise

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U.S. data show 6.7 percent of student loan borrowers failed to repay their loans in 2007-8, up from 5.2 percent the year before.

Half-Learned Lessons

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Ten years after the National Center for Academic Transformation began course redesigns, early adopters applaud learning outcomes but remain ambivalent about the cost reduction.


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