Higher Ed Act Reauthorization

A (Slightly) Kinder, Gentler Higher Ed Bill

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On eve of vote, House leaders make changes in key legislation to bolster support, but critics aren't won over.

Partisanship Reigns

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First day of House debate on Higher Education Act bill devolves into finger pointing.

Edging Toward Acceptability

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After dropping or softening several contentious provisions, divided House passes a Higher Education Act bill.

A Platform to Promote Teacher Ed

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Congressional briefing seeks to underscore how federal grants help to improve colleges' training programs and, in turn, teacher performance.

An Outline with Few Details

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Incoming chair of House education committee addresses -- quite generally -- higher ed issues for the year ahead.

Jumpstarting the Higher Ed Act

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Both houses of Congress gear up activity this week, aiming to pass sweeping college bill in 2007.

Aggressive Tack on Accreditation Rules

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U.S. proposes regulatory changes that could force agencies to set minimum standards for colleges on student learning.

Calm Amid the Storm

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As student loan scandal swirls, House hearing largely focuses on the nuts and bolts of making college more affordable.

Budget Deal Raises Odds of Pell Increase

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Congressional Democrats' maneuver clears way for big cuts to lenders and more aid for students.

Congress Talks About Teacher Prep

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Higher education subcommittee discusses how to better target investments in teacher education and quality.


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