Higher Ed Act Reauthorization

The Competition to Aid Students

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As House panel backs $19 billion financial aid bill, Democrats and Republicans argue over who would most help needy students.

Price Controls or Transparency?

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Proposed reporting requirements on college costs renew debate over what motivates institutions to economize.

Interpreting the Sunshine Act

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Trustees' group says student loan reform bill would bar presidents and board members from bank boards, but others disagree.

Senate Higher Ed Bill Emerges (Slowly)

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Legislation would replace U.S. advisory panel on accreditation with alternative; lawmakers divided on extent of cuts to lenders.

The Senate's Higher Ed Act Renewal

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The U.S. Senate education committee fleshed out its bipartisan package of legislation to renew the Higher Education Act Tuesday, calling for $17 billion in new funds for Pell Grant recipients and $18 billion in cuts to student loan providers over five years.

Students' Gain, Lenders' Pain

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Looking around the crowded Senate hearing room Wednesday, it was relatively easy, at first glance, to sort out the winners and losers as the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved a package of legislation to renew the Higher Education Act.

New Tactic on Stem Cell Studies

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Approving spending bill for NIH and education programs, Senate panel aims to expand the research through a date change.

Should Student Loans Go to Market?

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As Congress weighs price-based auction, lenders and industry critics debate whether the approach would help or hurt students.

Bush Threatens Veto of Student Aid Bill

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As House Democrats unveil new version of budget measure, White House opposes interest rate cut, new spending and loan auction idea.

The Evolving Higher Ed Act Bill

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As Senate debates student aid measure, crackdown on illegal file sharing is softened and amendments fly on private loans and earmarks.


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