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Education Department confirms Pell Grant pilot program for prisoners

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Obama administration confirms its pilot program to offer Pell Grants to some prisoners is coming this Friday, and some Republican opposition is already forming.

Obama administration may soon announce experimental access to Pell Grants for incarcerated students

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The Education Department is considering a limited experiment to allow incarcerated students to receive Pell Grants, which could build momentum for lifting a Clinton-era congressional ban.

House Republicans again propose 10-year freeze on Pell Grant maximum award

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In attempt to balance the federal budget, House Republicans are again proposing that the maximum grant award remain at its current level for a decade. 

Obama's higher education plan for the end of his term

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The White House adds to its lengthy list of proposals for higher education, but faces long odds in Congress for most of the agenda.

Looming default rates could penalize community colleges where few students borrow

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Community colleges ask Washington for help on a federal loan-default measure they say is snagging colleges where relatively few students borrow.

Congressional study explores costs of and possible changes to Pell program

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Congressional study explains why primary need-based-aid program ballooned in cost and explores how possible policy changes would affect spending -- and students.

Higher ed groups offer suggestions for revamping Higher Education Act

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In response to Congressional invitation, college groups suggest ideas for revising key federal law, from federal student-level database to risk-based approaches to accreditation and student aid.

Report calls for separating Pell Grants for adult and younger students

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A new report on rethinking financial aid calls for splitting the main federal need-based-aid program in two, with one grant for adult students and another for traditional-age students.

A look at all 15 Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery reports from the Gates Foundation

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Examining the results of the Gates Foundation's efforts to change the conversation around federal financial aid.

What Obama victory means for higher education

Election 2012
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In many ways, President Obama's re-election represents a continuation. But he has already hinted at some of his higher education plans for his second term.


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