Pell Grants

A Plea for Perkins

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At hearing Wednesday, lawmakers praise a student loan program that is facing a phaseout.

Learning From For-Profits

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Amid increasing scrutiny of for-profits, panel asks what proprietary colleges can teach non-profit sector. And a noted NPR analyst says newspaper ties to for-profit industry will keep regulators at bay.

Washington Wrapup: Budget and Bishop

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In year-end rush, Congress weighs budget that would close Pell shortfall; House passes DREAM Act; 36 days after election, a higher ed champion formally retains House seat.

Shielding Education and Research

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In State of the Union, President Obama vows to protect many programs important to colleges from 5-year freeze on federal spending.

Is Pell Too Big?

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As deficit crunch threatens to squeeze bedrock student aid program, even some supporters say time has come to examine its efficiency.

Holding the Line on Pell

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Senior Education Department official urges House panel to keep the key student aid program (mostly) whole.

Maximum Pell Safe For Now

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In the last-minute 2011 budget compromise, lawmakers sustain maximum Pell of $5,550, but cut summer grants. Attention now turns to 2012.

A Plea to Cut Pell Wisely

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If Congress must cut college grant program, higher ed economists urge, it should do so in ways that protect needy students and encourage academic progress.

No Room for the Needy?

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Education Trust analysis asserts that only five colleges succeed at making quality higher education affordable for low-income students -- a finding challenged as overstated.

Who Are Pell Grant Recipients?

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Education Department releases data showing characteristics and persistence of those receiving the aid.


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