Pell Grants

Upping the Ante on Pell Grants

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White House proposes increasing maximum award to $4,600 in 2008 -- but may seek to finance rise with cuts to other student programs.

On the Offensive

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Stung by criticism, Education Department officials strongly defend Pell Grant plan and challenge data colleges have used to attack it.

How to Trim FAFSA's Fat

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The complexity of the federal financial aid process is among the more obvious, and ostensibly, fixable reasons  cited to explain why low-income students are far less likely to attend college than their peers. So far, despite efforts on multiple fronts, the system has proven to be somewhat intractable.

More Money All Around

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House panel's spending measure would raise Pell Grant to $4,700, fend off White House cuts and boost NIH.

'Tight' Bill, Modest Gains

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Less than two weeks after the House Appropriations subcommittee for education programs delivered a major potential boost to the maximum Pell Grant and the National Institutes of Health, the mirroring Senate panel delivered significantly less in its own 2008 spending bill Tuesday.

Setting Up a Showdown on Spending

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House committee approves education appropriations bill, with increased funding for Pell and other programs left intact.

Where Pell Falls Short

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Despite recent increase and flurry of aid announcements from elite colleges, lowest income students have significant unmet need, report finds.

Dissecting Obama's Message

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WASHINGTON -- Is it feasible for every American to have at least one year of postsecondary education or training? What would have to happen to make that possible? Would federal financial aid and other policies need to change? Would the distribution of students among different kinds of colleges have to change?

College for All

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In speech to Congress, Obama calls for at least one postsecondary year for every American and says U.S. should reclaim mantle of most educated country.

A Web-Friendly Ed Department

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Focusing on the small stuff, too, U.S. agency alters its Web presence to help students navigate financial aid process.


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