Pell Grants

Setting Up a Showdown on Spending

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House committee approves education appropriations bill, with increased funding for Pell and other programs left intact.

Where Pell Falls Short

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Despite recent increase and flurry of aid announcements from elite colleges, lowest income students have significant unmet need, report finds.

Dissecting Obama's Message

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WASHINGTON -- Is it feasible for every American to have at least one year of postsecondary education or training? What would have to happen to make that possible? Would federal financial aid and other policies need to change? Would the distribution of students among different kinds of colleges have to change?

College for All

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In speech to Congress, Obama calls for at least one postsecondary year for every American and says U.S. should reclaim mantle of most educated country.

A Web-Friendly Ed Department

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Focusing on the small stuff, too, U.S. agency alters its Web presence to help students navigate financial aid process.

Cautious Backing for Obama Plan

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Most higher ed associations sign letter urging Congress to ensure Pell Grant funding, despite reservations about eliminating guaranteed loan program.

Liberal Arts, Behind Bars

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Wesleyan University plans to start offering for-credit courses for prisoners.

Don't Bank on It

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Taseen Peterson is a portrait of the recession. A single father who worked as a loan officer in the mortgage industry, Peterson decided to go back to school as the real estate market dried up, figuring he’d ride out the downturn in college and come out the other end with a credential that would get him a higher paying job.

Enrollments -- and Pell Costs -- Soar

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Midyear review of federal budget situation shows price of Obama Pell Grant proposal rising by $27 billion, potentially putting other administration priorities at risk.

What Works for the Needy

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Analysis of which financial aid programs most help low-income students says that simplicity often trumps targeting and finds promise in aid tied to academic performance and support services.


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