Demographic Challenges

At College Board annual meeting, educators seek ways to reach new groups of potential students -- and realize it's not easy.

Loyola's Post-Katrina Strategy

He never slept much.

But lately, the Rev. Kevin Wildes, president of Loyola University in New Orleans, has been getting only about three hours a night. "I’m not much of a worrier," he said. “But once I start thinking about things, I can’t just roll over.” And he’s had plenty to think about. He’s been crossing the country -- 16 cities in about 40 days -- meeting with alumni clubs, parents, and displaced students, assuring them that the doors will reopen in late January.

Disabilities and the Medical Student

Medical schools' technical standards complicate the legal picture for the institutions and students alike.

ISO Answers on Minority Graduate Enrollments

Universities share ideas, but no sure solutions, for luring bringing more black and Hispanic Americans into science fields.

Filled to the Brim

The biggest campuses -- those in the 50,000 student range -- are self-conscious about their size.

The Missing Black Men

City U. of New York starts ambitious effort to deal with one of higher ed's most vexing demographic challenges.

Tough Love for Colleges

Federal higher ed panel emphasizes colleges' high prices and urges greater accountability.

Growth of For-Profit Colleges Moderates

Enrollment and stock growth of for-profit companies slow, but analysts say industry is still attractive to investors.

Fostering Higher Education Success

A report focuses on the college prospects of an underexamined group: those who’ve aged out of foster care.

Disappearing Students

California community colleges estimate that tuition increases translated into an enrollment loss of 300,000.


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