A Policy Change on Study Abroad Pays Off

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After Goucher College mandates international study, freshman enrollment soars to record level.

Help for the Minor Majors

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Princeton is finding ways to get more students to study what they love, not what everyone else is studying.

If There's a Will

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If departments want black science, math and engineering students to become faculty members, they should have mentors who want close relationships with them, according to a recent study from the University of California at Berkeley.

The Value of Intervention

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Community colleges find that intense programs make a difference on retention and academic performance -- particularly for minority students.

The Importance of Critical Mass

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Study suggests that greater numbers may be key to encouraging success of black students.

Penn State Wears Prada

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Glossy fashion spreads, contracts with reality shows, and intense teen promotions have increased interest in the university, but can glitz get you more applicants?

Closed Doors

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Study documents the increasing difficulty of transferring to elite private institutions from community colleges.

Where Have Mission's Students Gone?

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Heading into the summer term at Los Angeles Mission College, officials prepared for a potential influx of students by adding 13 for-credit sections to the schedule.

About a week into classes, the college is instead in subtraction mode, having already cancelled many of the sections with the realization that students are staying away from campus in droves.

New Arguments on Affirmative Action

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Are Asian college applicants systematically discriminated against? Are law schools to blame for unhappy black lawyers?

Is the Schoolhouse Door Open?

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A new trial will determine whether Alabama's public colleges and universities are sufficiently desegregated.


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