Taking on TOEFL

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ETS faces first real challenge to its test for students seeking to demonstrate English proficiency to American colleges.

From Foster Care to Higher Ed

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Report explores issues facing a group whose members are particularly at risk of never earning a college degree.

An End to Picking One Box

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After years of study, Education Department issues plan for colleges to report racial and ethnic data without forcing students to choose one category.

Anger Over Coeducation Plan

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Randolph-Macon Woman’s College’s board is set to vote to admit men.

Registration Rave

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Community colleges seeking to serve working adults hold all-night parties to let students register on their own schedule.

Lower Scores, Fewer Students

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College Board reports largest drops in SAT scores since 1970s as well as a decline in test takers, apparently from low-income groups.

Mediocre Grades for Colleges

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"Report card" on higher education finds U.S. trailing other countries -- with cost of attendance growing as problem for families.

Diversity Up for Grad Students

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Enrollment increase is led by gains for women and African Americans.

The Children Left Behind

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Up to 4 million low and moderate income students denied college degrees by financial barriers over 20 years, report estimates.

Higher Ed 2015

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Education Department releases enrollment predictions, showing slowing college growth rate and continued prevalence of women.


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