Mediocre Grades for Colleges

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"Report card" on higher education finds U.S. trailing other countries -- with cost of attendance growing as problem for families.

Diversity Up for Grad Students

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Enrollment increase is led by gains for women and African Americans.

The Children Left Behind

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Up to 4 million low and moderate income students denied college degrees by financial barriers over 20 years, report estimates.

Higher Ed 2015

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Education Department releases enrollment predictions, showing slowing college growth rate and continued prevalence of women.

Bias or Interest?

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When polled privately, professors tend to explain gender gap in sciences as a matter of choices, not discrimination.

Virginia Ends Early Decision

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University becomes the third highly competitive university to drop its program this month. 

Louisiana Enrollments Go South

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Public institutions see 11% decline in freshmen over all, but New Orleans campuses face much sharper dips.

Head Count Up, So Pay is Too

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Daytona Beach Community College gives its employees a 5 percent average raise after enrollment jump this fall.

Chicago Bolsters Minority Numbers

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After years of ebbing black enrollment, university's freshman class hits record high -- and 2nd-highest total ever for Hispanic students.

eCollege Seeks to Sell Datamark

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Move may reflect changes in for-profit higher education market and views about generating leads for students.


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