Significant Victory for Students or Small Potatoes?

California attorney general heralds Corinthian Colleges' $6.5 million settlement over company's practices, but consumer advocates criticize it.

Enrollment Surge for Women

Thanks to improved outreach efforts, engineering and technology universities are seeing a boost in female enrollments nearly across the board.

Who's In, Who's Out

Among the main themes to emerge from meetings of the Education Secretary's Commission on the Future of Higher Education: whether students -- and not just the so-called "traditional" ones -- are making sufficient progress toward a degree.

Where the Hispanic Students Are (And Aren't)

A new report that examines the reasons why nearly half of all Latino undergraduates

College Capacity Grows

Federal report shows number of postsecondary institutions and number of degrees they award continuing to expand.

Courting the Younger Business School Student

Harvard and its competitors are busting the myth that the model M.B.A. applicant has worked five years after college.

Early (Encouraging) Data on Early Colleges

While most programs are new, evidence emerges that they are having success with the disadvantaged students who frequently are lost to higher ed.

Schwarzenegger Vetoes DREAM Bill for Immigrant Students

Governor also vetoes bill sought to pressure publishers to lower textbook prices, but signs competing bill that publishers backed.

Healthy Expansion in Med School Enrollments

Amid medical college group's campaign to increase output of doctors by 30 percent, speakers at its annual meeting offer tips on how to manage boosts in class sizes.

Growth and Consolidation of Minority Enrollments

Not only are total numbers going up, but percentage at "minority serving" institutions is on the rise.


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