Another Inappropriately Awarded Degree

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First there was West Virginia. Then Virginia Commonwealth. Now Carnegie Mellon -- where apparent fudging of rules leads to a dean's immediate resignation.

The Community College Enrollment Boom

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More two-year institutions, even after several years of increases, expect significant growth this year.

The SAT's Growing Gaps

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The average score on the SAT remained steady for the class of 2008 -- with the critical reading (502), mathematics (515) and writing (494) scores all unchanged from last year.

As is typically the case, the College Board said that the results were encouraging. “Student interest and participation in the SAT has grown to historic levels, and our outreach into minority, low-income and other underserved student groups is yielding tremendous results,” said Gaston Caperton, president of the board.

'Race and Class Matters at an Elite College'

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Among the sub-debates in the debates over affirmative action are questions over the relative significance of race and class. A new book attempts to explore race and class simultaneously in a college setting. In Race and Class Matters at an Elite College, Elizabeth Aries explores the insights she gained by studying four groups of students at Amherst College: affluent white students, affluent black students, white students without a lot of money and black students without a lot of money.

Redefining the Gender Gap

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New research tries to shift discussion beyond enrollment rates to the actual experience of male and female students in college.

Falling Behind

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Faculty salary increases fall behind inflation -- plus lists of the universities, liberal arts colleges and community colleges that pay the most.

Med School Enrollments Are Up, Applications Down

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Latino figures show substantial gain, due in part to opening of new branches in parts of the country with large Hispanic populations.

Welfare Reform and Women's College Enrollment

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The whole idea behind the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 -- the formal name of the biggest reform of the federal welfare system in decades -- was to push more people off the federal dole and into the work force. By that measure, it undeniably worked: Welfare rolls have declined by about half since 1996, with much of the decline attributable to the policy changes, and employment rates have grown for many of those groups historically well-represented on welfare.

Who Needs a 5-Day Schedule?

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Students aren't flocking to programs to cram a full courseload in one day, but the ability to be on campus just two days a week may have staying power.

Performance Funding 2.0

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As higher ed productivity project unveils new grants, several aim to help states more closely tie colleges' funding to their success in getting students through.


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