From Community Colleges to the Elites

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Three foundations are starting a major effort to help low income students move from two-year institutions to top universities.

Road Not Taken on Pell Grants

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GAO analysis of change in aid formula finds that approaches other than that used by the Bush administration would have hurt far fewer students.

Major Quotas

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Florida board moves toward requiring specific percentages of undergraduates to specialize in certain areas that the state needs.

Debating Equity and Excellence

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A new book urges colleges to give low-income students the same admissions edge they give to children of alumni.

Enrollment Coup

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Case Western officials say this fall's freshman class is 61 percent larger than last fall's -- an unexpected but welcome boost to a growth plan.

Upwardly Mobile Academic: Rocky Young

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Next chancellor of Los Angeles Community College District has a growth agenda.

Advice on Foreign Students

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A new report says that the United States needs to change numerous policies on visas and security clearances.

2 vs. 4

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After long legislative fight, Arizona lawmakers turn back bid by community colleges to offer four-year degrees.

DeVry's Retrenchment

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DeVry University cut back faculty positions last week in a continuing effort to bolster profits amid decreasing enrollment.

The for-profit institution said Wednesday that it had eliminated the jobs of 134 faculty members, both full-time and part-time. DeVry had already carried out two voluntary buyout programs earlier in the fiscal year. This most recent reduction, in which 29 faculty members voluntarily took a buyout, followed an evaluation of DeVry’s “campus-based instructional needs.”

Up and Down on Tuition

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U. of Richmond and Roosevelt U. take unusual steps -- one adopts a 27% increase, the other discounts to urge timely graduation.


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