DeVry's Retrenchment

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DeVry University cut back faculty positions last week in a continuing effort to bolster profits amid decreasing enrollment.

The for-profit institution said Wednesday that it had eliminated the jobs of 134 faculty members, both full-time and part-time. DeVry had already carried out two voluntary buyout programs earlier in the fiscal year. This most recent reduction, in which 29 faculty members voluntarily took a buyout, followed an evaluation of DeVry’s “campus-based instructional needs.”

Up and Down on Tuition

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U. of Richmond and Roosevelt U. take unusual steps -- one adopts a 27% increase, the other discounts to urge timely graduation.

Students Who Don't Stay Put

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A new study shows the extent to which undergraduates are less likely to have any single institution that is alma mater.

Fun Facts About Higher Education

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The U.S. Education Department released its annual potpourri of statistical data about the state of American education.

Which Box to Check?

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Some multiracial students say they feel pressure to choose a single racial identity.

Gender Gap at Flagships

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Some trustees at U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suggest affirmative action for male applicants.

Demographic Dislocation

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A new study documents huge changes that the loss of affirmative action would have at elite colleges -- for all but white students.

Keeping Students Enrolled

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Study suggests new approach may help community colleges with retention and graduation rates.

It Takes a Counselor, Not a Village

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New research shows that a single, optimistic college adviser can propel legions of low-income high school students to higher education.

Private Colleges' Cash Grew, but Debt Grew Faster

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As financial markets improved, selective private colleges saw their cash and investments increase faster than their operating budgets in the 2004 fiscal year, reversing the pattern of the year before. But except at the very top tier of institutions, the colleges' debt rose even faster, as they poured money into expanding and renovating facilities, Standard & Poor's said in a report released this month.


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