Lost Dominance in Ph.D. Production

A new study explores just how far the United States has fallen in educating scientists and engineers.

Aid for the Rich?

New research links increases in National Merit Scholarships to declines in low-income enrollments.

Male Impact

Enrollment surges at women's colleges that recently decided to admit men.

'Old Main'

For most of American history, small colleges have been "the defining core of postsecondary opportunities" for students, writes Samuel Schuman in Old Main: Small Colleges in Twenty-First Century America, just published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

College for Illegal Immigrants

Texas figures show that granting in-state tuition rates makes a big difference in enrollments -- especially at community colleges.

Women, Minorities and the Sciences

Study finds National Science Foundation programs have made a difference, but urges focus on community colleges.

College and the Disabled Student

31% of youth with disabilities attend college in the first two years after high school, Education Department finds.

Shopping for Colleges Online

New survey suggests that prospective students rely on the Web but still want printed materials and even human interaction.

No Such Thing as a Free Year

State blocks Denver educators from using high school funds to pay for tuition at a community college.

College Enrollments Continue to Swell

For-profit institutions and female and minority students gain most, Education Department study finds.


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