Berkeley Reverses Tenure Denial

Professor and his supporters said the university was punishing him for criticizing a deal with a biotech company.

Not So Intelligently Designed Ph.D. Panel

Ohio State calls off dissertation defense amid criticism that faculty committee was set up to back questionable attacks on evolution.

Anti-Aging Doctors Sue Professors

$240 million sought in case that some see as attack on scholars who speak out on their areas of expertise.

'Science Under Siege'

Throughout the Bush administration, the president's policies have been criticized by many scientists. On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union issued a new and harsh analysis of those policies.

Blacklisted Professors

What's it like to have your projects singled out to lose money in a U.S. House vote? Two researchers explain what their work is really about.

Training Tomorrow's Doctors, For Now

Growing up in a moderate income area near San Diego, Arnold Cuenca had an interest in and aptitude for science in high school. But as he contemplated potential careers, he, like most of his peers, was encouraged to enter the military or take a job right out of high school -- paths most of his peers chose. His mom was a nurse, though, and that got him thinking about being a doctor.

"Other than my mom, I had nothing to encourage me to become a health professional -- I didn't know what medicine was," says Cuenca.

Lost Dominance in Ph.D. Production

A new study explores just how far the United States has fallen in educating scientists and engineers.

Badges and Segregation

Pentagon's proposed rules for foreign researchers working on certain contracts anger universities.

Building Boom in Biomedical Science

More than half of growth in academic research facilities is in biological or medical fields, according to the NSF.

Dissing the Dalai Lama

Some researchers organize boycott of Society for Neuroscience meeting because of invitation to religious leader.


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