Nose to the Grindstone

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Scientists and engineers in academe work harder than their counterparts in industry and government, study finds.

Survival of the Fittest Theory

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Federal judge rejects intelligent design curriculum as religious and non-scientific.

Good Business

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DNA patents encourage academic research, and often do not restrict information, study finds.

Research Freedom v. National Security

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A government sponsored committee discusses biological studies after  9/11.

Advanced Yes, Placement No

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Study questions whether students who finish AP courses -- even those who receive top score -- should receive college credit.

Inspired Reinforcements

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Scientists plan to work with clergy to fight back against attacks on evolution.

Peer to Peer

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Group discussion, long part of humanities courses, is on the rise in science classrooms -- even in large classes.

'Dr. Doom' Under Siege

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Environmental scientists haven't been the top targets of intelligent design advocates, who have generally focused on attacking evolutionary biologists. But an outspoken environmental scientist at the University of Texas at Austin -- whose research focuses on the damage modern society inflicts on the Earth -- has found his work suddenly under scrutiny from unexpected sources.

Cosmetics and Appearances at Hopkins

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University, embarrassed by charges it was selling its name, changes ties to company pushing upscale moisturizers.

Change in Climate for Stem Cells?

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Senators and scientists see improved prospects for legislation making more federal funds available for the research.


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