A Call to Action Against Intelligent Design

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Cornell president says it has no place in science courses -- and also acknowledges the theory's popularity.

Engaging the Public

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While many scientists leave "intelligent design" debate to the press, some shift time from labs to school boards and kids.

Upturn for Science Doctorates

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American universities award more Ph.D.'s, over all and in technical fields, for second year in a row.

Evolution, E-Mail and Kansas

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University reviews new course after learning of professor's anti-intelligent design comments.

Uncle Sam Wants to Know Your Working Hours

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Proposed federal guidelines urge universities to better document when researchers are doing NIH-sponsored studies.

E-Mails Kill a Course

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Kansas professor -- following more reports of anti-religious comments -- withdraws class on intelligent design.

Nose to the Grindstone

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Scientists and engineers in academe work harder than their counterparts in industry and government, study finds.

Survival of the Fittest Theory

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Federal judge rejects intelligent design curriculum as religious and non-scientific.

Good Business

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DNA patents encourage academic research, and often do not restrict information, study finds.

Research Freedom v. National Security

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A government sponsored committee discusses biological studies after  9/11.


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