Push to Protect Researchers From Attacks

California lawmakers move to enact new protections for scientists facing harassment and worse from animal rights extremists.

Debating Ideas vs. Legitimizing Falsehoods

Northern Kentucky U. to hold mock trial for fictional high school teacher fired for teaching creationism -- with the audience as jury. Is the university bolstering discussion of tough issues or undercutting science?

Defending the Fruit Flies from Sarah Palin

The Republican campaign has moved beyond mocking research on bear DNA to attacking a new research earmark -- and some scientists have had enough.

Whose Blood Is It?

Arizona court revives suit on Native American samples -- allegedly used for studies that differ from what donors agreed to. Issues could apply broadly in social and biological sciences.

The Teaching Science Professor

New research suggests that faculty members focused on pedagogy as well as their disciplines may improve student learning.

Faith, Science and Academic Freedom

AAUP issues reports criticizing two religious colleges -- one that set limits on teaching by biologist who believes in evolution, and one that fired a professor who tried to preserve traditional theology.

Home Dissection Kits and More

Thanks to sets of do-it-yourself experiment packages, lab science courses are slowly gaining acceptance in online delivery.

A Journal's Second Thoughts

Caterpillars and butterflies continue to vex the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, a prestigious journal that has found itself criticized for a publishing a paper that many say makes a mockery of evolutionary biology.

Narrow Win for Stem Cell Research

Tie vote by Nebraska Board of Regents blocks push to apply Bush-era restrictions. Universities are relieved.

Euthanized Research Project

Why did Oklahoma State back out of an anthrax study involving primates? Did the university fear violence? Was it afraid of offending a donor?


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