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Appeals court rejects faculty union at U. of Illinois at Chicago

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Appeals panel backs U. of Illinois contention that its tenure-track and non-tenure track professors can't have a single bargaining unit.

Religious colleges react to new policy on birth control coverage

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Obama administration won't require religious colleges' insurance plans to cover contraception, but officials outline another way to give employees access.

Court finds HR director's free speech rights were limited

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Federal judge finds no First Amendment violation in U. of Toledo getting rid of HR director who -- contrary to university's policies -- wrote op-ed saying that gay people don't deserve civil rights protections.

Essay on dealing with depression while on the tenure track

Monica A. Coleman reflects on how she achieved academic success while dealing with severe mental illness.

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Beyond the Trailing Spouse: The Future of Dual-Career Support in the Academy

Mon, 06/04/2012 to Tue, 06/05/2012


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Essay: the moment that inspired a kinder campus


Have you ever had a magical moment on your campus -- when it almost vibrated with a higher frequency of kindness? Maria Shine Stewart revisits the moment that culminated in the birth of her column.


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