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Faculty union in large community college system agrees to performance pay

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Faculty union at City Colleges of Chicago agrees to unusual, controversial contract, phasing out "step" raises and creating bonuses based on student outcomes.

Retirements spike at Illinois universities due to pension changes

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A change in the way the state calculates future pension payments for those in public universities prompted many to retire before July 2, months and years before they planned to do so.

College associations and faculty unions argue over collective bargaining at private institutions

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Higher ed associations tell NLRB that recent decades have seen few changes in professors’ power at private colleges. Unions beg to differ.

Study finds that those who stop the tenure clock earn less than those who don't

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Study finds faculty members who use the benefit are more likely than others to earn tenure -- but may end up earning less than comparable colleagues who don't. The biggest salary impact is on men.

Xavier ends birth control coverage

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A Catholic university that has allowed health insurance to include contraception tells employees they will lose that benefit.

The Very Rough Art of Listening


Listen up, all you listless listeners: you may want to amplify your attending skills as a new academic year approaches. Maria Shine Stewart suggests why.

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CUPA-HR survey finds declines in wellness programs and adjunct benefits

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CUPA-HR survey cites declines in employer-sponsored wellness programs and part-time-faculty benefits.


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